Concrete & Asphalt Parking Lot Design, Construction, and Maintenance

Giordano Construction Inc.® specializes in the construction and maintenance of concrete and asphalt parking lots, driveways and roadways. New construction requires state of the art equipment, high-quality materials and experienced professionals who know how to use them.

Twenty+ Years!

With more than 20 years of experience in the paving industry, you can trust Giordano Construction Inc.® to successfully build, professionally manage and complete new projects from parking lots, shopping centers and schools to heavy duty industrial parks on time and within budget.

Utilizing a qualified civil engineer only benefits the customer.  

Most pavement designs are based on intended use and traffic loads. A civil engineer can design a well performing parking lot through field study and calculation methods. Civil plans are then developed and sent for permitting to local and or state authorities for review and approval.

Pavement design considerations:

  • Drainage
  • Underground utilities
  • Site development and clearing
  • Untreated aggregate base construction
  • Thickness and mix design

Concrete & Asphalt Parking Lot Construction

Construction begins when plans have officially been approved and permitted. Giordano Construction Inc.® will then perform the scheduled installation per the designs provided by the civil engineer only utilizing high quality building materials ensuring a first class finished product. We will then finish with signage, line striping and traffic markings following local codes and standards.

Concrete & Asphalt Parking Lot Maintenance

To extend the life of your parking lot and to keep them attractive and intact, you need to proactively maintain it. Conditions to avoid include potholes, base or sub-grade failure, dirt and debris buildup, shallow or failed utilities, and excessive moisture.

Concrete & Asphalt Paving Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance of the existing surface is beneficial as it protects your overall investment and creates a good looking and safe environment for tenants and patrons.

FDR - Full Depth Reclamation & pulvermixing recycling with cement

Asphalt base & surface failures along with extensive cracking can cause many problems if not repaired in a timely manner. Excessive moisture can penetrate the base subgrade and cause extensive and costly problems. Our full depth reclamation (FDR) services can quickly and affordably repair failing asphalt and base subgrades.

Seal Coating

Coal tar or asphalt based emulsion sealers are mixed with silica sand and admixtures then applied by squeegee or spray unit to the existing asphalt surface. As the most important preventative step you can take for your asphalt surface, seal coating should be applied every two to three years to beautify your surface and protect your investment.

Line Striping, Marking, and Signage

Over time line striping and markings will fade and pose a hazard to visitors and tenants. A high quality re-stripe of the existing parking lot improves safety and increases “curb” appeal. Proper signage selection and installation is important and provides for traffic control and ADA compliance.


How to select a qualified civil engineer?
Giordano Construction Inc.® can provide you with references for some of the best civil engineers providing the best value and experience in your market. The use of a civil engineer provides for efficient plan and cost development as well as city and state approval.
Does Giordano Construction Inc.® offer new construction services for parking lots and driveways?
Yes. Whether from provided civil plans and or a building owner needing to add parking or storage surface area Giordano Construction Inc.® can meet your needs.
Does Giordano Construction Inc.® work with General Contractors?
Yes. Giordano Construction Inc.® works with many of the major builders and general contractors with operations in this market. Some include Balfour Beatty, Morganti, Perini Tudor and other reputable prime contractors.
Does Giordano Construction Inc.® perform estimates for new construction?
Yes. With the newest takeoff software, experienced estimators and competitive market pricing through trusted suppliers, project estimates are developed with maximum economic value in mind.
What other new construction services does Giordano Construction Inc.® offer?
We have extensive experience with the construction of structural foundations for buildings, schools and residential homes along with other structural concrete work such as retaining walls, tank foundations and storage farms. Give us a call should you have a project in mind.

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