(FDR) Full Depth Asphalt & Base Reclamation with Cement and Milling Project

Grocery Industry, South Houston, Texas

Project Challenge

The project consisted of an aged and degraded asphalt parking lot totaling 182,000 square feet.

The parking lot was experiencing extensive asphalt and base failure within driveways. Parking stalls were degrading posing a safety hazard. ADA parking stalls needed to meet ADA slope compliances along with proper signage and striping.

Mi Tienda wanted a new asphalt parking lot as competition from local grocery chains was impacting store sales. The client has a very targeted market in South Houston and wanted to increase the buying experience by improving the parking lot. This would improve traffic flow, curb appeal from the roadway and increase store sales.

Services Provided


FDR - Full Depth Asphalt and Base Reclamation with Cement


Asphalt Milling at Parking Stalls.


ADA Reconstruction and Compliance.


Concrete Paving Installation at Loading Docks and Storm Drains


Permitting Consultation and Acquisition


Sustainable Construction

Project Results

The project was delivered on time and within the original budget. Extensive preplanning and daily communication updates onsite and through email minimized confusion creating costly production delays. The customer was extremely satisfied with our performance.

Mi Tienda received a completely new parking surface prior to the very busy holiday season. Store sales increased dramatically as the perception by customers has changed as the entire shopping experience was dramatically improved upon project completion.

Our Process

We developed a scope of work with the HEB Construction Team through various on site audits at no charge to client. This plan would address the reconstruction of the parking stalls and driveways along with updating ADA compliance and accessibility.

ADA Compliance was evaluated and developed through our company experience and best practices developed through prior projects. Customer did not have to higher an ADA Specialist to review site saving client $15,000.00 in upfront development costs.

Project schedule and planning was extensive to limit effects on customer traffic, experience, and store sales.

Project completed in six phases totaling ten (10) weeks.

A preconstruction meeting and daily project meetings with store management was in place to provide clear communication and project updates.

This planning set clear responsibilities, addressed work which could impact store traffic and sales, as well as production during holidays.

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