Line Striping – New Layout & Re-stripe

If you want to dramatically increase the overall appearance of your parking lot let Giordano Construction Inc.® plan and determine the best layout for your property. We offer new layout and re-striping services utilizing high-quality TX DOT approved paints. Over time, line striping and markings will fade and pose a hazard to visitors, employees, and tenants. A high-quality re-stripe of the existing parking lot improves safety and increases “curb” appeal.  We also offer line striping removal services utilizing grinding and sand-blasting equipment.

Marking & Signage Services

Whether you need to convey messages to roadway users, and or indicate which part of the road to use, our team of experienced line striping and marking professionals will prepare the surface and install the correct markings for traffic control. ADA compliance markings and fire lane painting and stenciling will meet local laws and regulations. Proper traffic marking installation conveys a message to vehicular traffic controlling traffic flow thus creating a safe environment for pedestrians and tenants.

Traffic signs help your parking lot operate safely and efficiently. Our experienced crews deliver and install signs that are of the highest reflective quality and are compliant with city codes. Signage range from stop signs, directional arrows, no parking and ADA van or reserved accessibility.


Does Giordano Construction Inc.® offer line striping, marking and signage services?
Yes. Giordano Construction Inc.® will evaluate the existing striping conditions and develop proposal that is suitable for your project.
How are parking lots painted or line striped?
Most business owners or property managers will hire an experienced contractor which uses a striping machine that is specifically designed to paint parking lots. The paint is formulated for the specific purpose of marking pavements and line striping. It is not the same as house or industrial paints.
Does the parking lot need to be closed?
Many projects are completed overnight in a few hours so not to affect traffic flow.  Weather and temperature is a major factor with overnight paint application. Giordano Construction Inc.® will evaluate with management as to the best time and approach for a successful project completion.
How long does the paint last?
There are many variables that determine the life expectancy of a line striping and marking job. The type of surface, surface dirt and debris, and daily traffic use all affect the life of the paint job.

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