Interior Concrete Floor Sawing and Breaking Removal & Replacement Construction Project

Grocery Industry, Houston, Texas

Project Challenge

Customer was experiencing extensive concrete floor failures throughout store. Areas had been patched overtime but continued to fail because of heavy foot traffic, forklift, and pallet jacks. Customer was looking for a reasonable solution that could be preformed without effecting store customers. Failing areas were becoming a safety concern for the store management team, as patching and steel plating were no longer an option.

Customer also expressed concerns about interior saw cutting and breaking as gasoline or diesel fuel emissions can be a safety hazard and leave residual smells in the store that may last a few days thus becoming concerning to customers.

Services Provided


Concrete Floor Sawing


Breaking Removal & Replacement


Customized Husqvarna FS3500G Liquid Propane Gas Floor Saw

Project Results

Customer was highly appreciative and complimentary from start to finish. This process has been preformed by other vendors at other locations statewide with minimal success.

Store team planning, communication and overall project planning was key to the success of this project.

The purchase of the customized Husqvarna FS3500G liquid propane gas floor saw was well received as fuel emissions and safety concerns where non-issue and cost efficient. Electrical floor saws are more expensive to operate requiring high power generators and power cords stretched throughout work area becoming a safety issue. The use of this customized LPG saw was well received over standard electrical saws.

Concrete floors when completed were smooth, stable, and beautifully polished and sealed.

Our work was transparent, efficient and a cost-effective solution to meet our customers need visually and structurally.

Interior Concrete Floor Sawing (2)

Our Process

We assessed the project and concerns of the customer. Work areas would need to be removed and replaced overnight to limit effects on store traffic. A quick setting “High Early” concrete mix was provided by our supplier allowing for customer and forklift (stocking) traffic access within twenty-four hours after concrete placement.

We purchased a custom Husqvarna FS3500G concrete floor saw utilizing (LPG) liquified propane gas that was clean burning allowing for interior operations. Customer’s safety concerns and the possibility of residual smells from standard saws were mitigated. This saw is capable of high production floor sawing to depths exceeding twelve (12”) inches of thickness leaving no residual smell.

Our team also tarped all work areas from floor to ceiling prior to saw cutting and breaking for dust control. This also provided a safety barrier between work areas and normal customer traffic. Food products were also protected by tarping to protect from dust and damage during the construction project.

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