Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church, Houston, Texas

Giordano Construction Inc.® was asked by Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church and its board members to attend a site visit with other paving contractors to access and audit their degraded parking lot totaling over 40,000’ square feet. Salem Evangelical is a small and well established church in the Houston area. The asphalt parking lot was heavily degraded, full of potholes, holding water from settlement and an eyesore. They also wanted to add ADA compliant car stalls and signage. The board members asked that each contractor come up with a value proposition to present to the church and its congregation.


It was quite evident that the contractors evaluating the site ranged from virtual unknowns with limited knowledge to established and reputable companies like Giordano Construction Inc.®. After our discussions with the board members, monies would be limited for this project as it would have to be raised through the congregation. Therefore we needed to find a value proposition that would deliver a first class finished product for Salem Evangelical.


How we helped

Our team selected those areas which were experiencing asphalt and base failure. We proposed utilizing our FDR – Full Depth Reclamation with cement process for those areas rather than the more costly traditional method of full depth excavation with base sub-grade replacement. The remaining asphalt areas would be power-swept exposing any loose asphalt on the parking surface. The loose material would also be removed. Crack filler would be applied to exposed cracks as required so that the potential for projection to the new surface would be limited. We then proposed an asphalt overlay for the entire surface area. Upon completion we would layout and stripe for parking along with adding the appropriate ADA compliant car stalls and signage.



Salem Evangelical selected Giordano Construction Inc.® as their paving contractor for this project. The project totaled just under $80,000.00. Many of the other proposals ranged over $100,000.00 as more traditional methods were taken into account as well as failure on our competitors parts of understanding and evaluating Salem Evangelical’s needs. Many of our competitors do not offer and/or understand the FDR – Full Depth Reclamation process.

The money saved by recycling the existing materials in place (FDR) versus traditional full depth removal and replacement methods resulted in Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church saving more than 20% over other competitor’s propositions.



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