Residential Driveways

Giordano Construction Inc.® has over 20 years of experience with the new installation of concrete and asphalt driveways as well as the removal and replacement of existing failing driveways. Our experienced team of professionals will review the opportunity and provide a value proposition that meets your needs and budget.

New driveway installations are fairly straight forward as plans are typically in place and provided by a builder or general contractor. Removal and replacement involves a more direct approach and in some cases permitting so that an existing driveway can be removed and replaced. Giordano Construction Inc.® is bonded and insured in many cities and has close relationships with city development departments so that a permit can be acquired fairly easily.

Conditions that may warrant concrete driveway removal include:

  • Poor Design. Poor design or construction practices that create locally weak areas within the slab. Poor joint sealant maintenance or improper installation of joint sealants.
  • Large or widespread cracks. Reasons for these conditions vary but possible causes may include unintended weight on the slab, poor sub base preparation, surface water incursion and or poor quality or workmanship.
  • Settled Concrete. The integrity of a concrete slab is dependent on its sub base. Proper sub base material, preparation, water drainage and compaction are critical for the long term performance of a concrete slab. Improper installation of the sub base, tree roots, environmental conditions such as freeze thaw process and water incursion as well as the expansive nature of local soils can all contribute to concrete surface failure.


Does Giordano Construction Inc.® remove and replace existing residential driveways?
Yes. Please contact our team today for a free onsite consultation.
What is the process for concrete removal and replacement?
We will perform a full depth saw cut to separate the failed area from the surrounding pavement. Excavate the concrete and failed sub-grade to proposed and required depths. Verify sub grade compaction then install expansion joints to match existing. Install rebar steel and area dowels to prevent separation and create added strength. Pour concrete mix to required depth then float to appropriate finish.

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