Do you own a commercial property or business? Is your parking lot ADA compliant?

Every business that serves the public, must make sure disabled customers have equal access to their facilities as the general public. As you may know, if your property or business is in violation of any ADA code or regulation, and it is reported by a disabled customer, or patron, you could be sued.

However, did you know, ANY ONE can sue your business? “Drive by lawsuits” are lawsuits that are filed by people who literally drive by and check out businesses and report violations. That’s not all, there have been recorded cases where people have used Google maps to inspect businesses and report ADA violations from the comfort of their home or office.

Whether it is a customer, or a con-artist that reports your business, you could be looking at thousands of dollars in legal fees as well as state or federal fines.

You can prevent any trouble with the law by making sure you inspect your property or business making sure it is ADA compliant. Everything from the size of the disabled parking space, to where the disabled parking sign is located, to what stenciling or logo the disabled parking space will need. Everything must meet local & federal codes and specifications.

Giordano Construction Inc.® has extensive experience with the installation of ADA compliant access ramps, line markings and signage. Whether it is new construction and or a recent TAS report requiring slope or striping and signage modifications Giordano Construction Inc.® can develop a plan to bring your facility into compliance.

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